Works in Public Places


                            1984            “The Present is the Doorway through which the Future becomes the Past.”  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

                                               Granite, steel, glass, landscaping

                            1984            “Ruin” Sierra Centre. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Granite, water, landscaping

                            1984            “Sulpicia, (around this date I have drawn a circle)”  Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Granite, cast iron 

                            1984            “Little Gidding” Lime Street Railway Station, Liverpool, United Kingdom.  Engraved glass wall

                            1987            “Name Stone” Technician Instrument Corporation, Dublin, Ireland.  Wood, glass, oil paint

                            1988            Rex House, St. James’s, London, United Kingdom.  Etched glass façade

                            1989            Trade Indemnity House, London, United Kingdom. Five etched windows

                            1998            “Water Table” 911 Communications Center, San Francisco, California, United States of America. Commissioned by

                                               San Francisco Arts Commission